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For people living in European countries, all season tyres are the one-shot solution to all tyre-related issues. As the name suggests, all season tyres cater to every weather conditions. The tyres are capable of providing efficient dry and wet grip. We, at Alloy Base and Tyres, store an extensive collection of all season tyres Cannock.

What are all season tyres?

To offer high-level of summer performance along with adequate winter traction, a hybrid tyre came into the market. Due to its properties, the tyre came to be known as all season tyres. These tyres are made from a mixed rubber compound to survive the extremities of both the seasons, i.e. summers and winters.

Benefits of using all season tyres

As mentioned earlier, all season tyres have a hybrid composition. These tyres are a clever blend of natural and synthetic rubber. Thus, these tyres neither get too soft in hot climate nor they stiffen-up too much in harsh winters. The compound used in all season tyres enhances the overall performance and gripping abilities of these tyres.

These tyres use asymmetric tread pattern. The tread is divided into two different parts. The inner side of the main tread is made with the intent to prevent aquaplaning. Addition of smaller cuts, known as sipes, present on the inner side assist in providing the necessary biting edge to the tyres. Sipes sticks to the snow on the road; hence, offer the mandatory traction. Whereas, the outer tread is made with slicker tread design to impart the expected summer performance.

All season tyres eliminate the need for exchanging seasonal tyres with every change of seasons. Further, all season tyres assist a motorist to save a huge sum of money spent on the purchase and fitting of these seasonal tyres.

When one installs all season tyres in their vehicle, they don’t have to worry about the storage of the spare set of tyres. Storing can be a nuisance and all season tyres assist one in getting rid of these requirements.

Things to consider

While buying all season tyres one must judge their driving requirements well. Though all season tyres are manufactured to suffice both hot and cold weather, they fail to do so when the temperature reach their utmost. Therefore, one must change to seasonal tyres when the weather gets harsh on both extremes.

One should also make sure to change their all season tyres as soon as the tread falls below 3mm. Though the government of the UK has marked 1.6mm as the minimum mark for the tread depth, experts think differently. All season tyres, drastically, start to lose their capabilities as soon as the tread depth seeps down below 3mm.

As the climate of the UK remains relatively moderate, all season tyres are the perfect option available to you. In case you looking to purchase high-quality branded all season tyres Cannock, don’t forget to drive to us, at Alloy Base and Tyres. We have something for everyone.

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