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The core function of a car battery is to supply electricity to the starter, which then jolts the engine to life. It also supplies power to the rest of the electronic accessories in the car. Therefore, batteries, along with alternators, are important parts for any car.

Most car batteries employ lead-acid chemical reaction for functioning. Even though the process is reliable, the lifespan of such batteries is typically not more than 3 to 5 years, depending on a few other factors.

Therefore, you might want to drive down to Alloy Base & Tyresfor a regular check of your car battery in Cannock. You can also reach out to us on 01543 424209 atthe first sign of trouble with your car battery, and our team of experts will immediately assist you.

Warning signs pointing toa car battery Cannock replacement

Here are some signs of trouble that may indicate that your car is in desperate need of a new battery:

  1. Check engine light

The check enginelighton your vehicle’s dashboard turns on when the power of the battery lowers. In such situations, you might want to bring your car down to our facility for a thorough inspection.

  1. Slow engine start

Another tell-tale sign of a battery ready to give up is when the engine cranks up slowly and thus, takes longer to start. In that case, it might be to your best interest to get the car battery tested.

  1. Bloated battery case

A bloated car battery is never good news. It might be due to overheating, which decreases battery life significantly. Get it checked by professionals at the earliest.

  1. Smell

In case you notice a rottenegg-like smell around your car battery, it indicatesleakage from the battery. Such leakages can cause corrosion and a host of other problems.

If you notice any of the danger signs, consulting a reliable garage is the first thing you must do. Otherwise, one fine morning, your car may fail to start, leaving you stranded at home for the rest of the day.

Why us?

We are a best-in-class facility for services related to yourcar batteryin Cannock. Our team of experts will run a battery performance check and let you know the life left in it, and also if a replacement is necessary.

So, to buy new car batteries in Cannockor for any related issues, you can count on us. Contact us and set an appointment to beat the queue.

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