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There is nothing more vital for a safe drive than well-maintained brakes. Statistics released by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Transport shows an increasing rate of road accidents year after year. And, automobile experts suggest that faulty brakes cause a majority of these incidents.

If you notice that your car is braking poorly, or you need to plunge the brake pedal too hard for it to work, bring it to Alloy Base & Tyres, the most reliable brake repairing garage in Cannock.

Our brake repairing services

At our shop, we offer a comprehensive brake repair module. We work with the latest technologies and qualified technicians who are experts in their craft.

We have a 12-point action plan for brake repair in Cannock. Some of the most important ones are mentioned here:

  1. Brake function tests: Here, braking pads and discs are tested carefully for any wear due to excessive heating. If needed, we will replace these pads with high-end OEM-grade replacements. From time to time changing the brake discs may be necessary as well.
  1. Brake fluid inspection: Brake fluids are tested for consistency, efficacy, cohesion and roadworthiness. We must point out that our facility has been consistently rated the most reliable for brake replacement services in Cannock due to our high-quality ancillary products.
  2. Rotor and drum checks: Ensuring that all the rotors and drums are in perfect working order is one of our primary concerns. At times, these parts may require resurfacing. We will do that with minimal hassle and at affordable prices.
  3. Hardware check: Our brake repairing garage in Cannockwill carry out a detailed visual check for any apparent defects of the pedals and other parts. We will replace the faulty parts accordingly.
  4. Master cylinder repairs: It is the most crucial component of a car’s braking system. Our technicians will take adequate care of any damage. Often, replacements may become necessary.

Head over to our garage for brake repairing service

When you search - brake repairing service near me - try our services in Cannock. Alloy Base & Tyres has maintained a constant reputation over many years due to our commitment to quality and technological sophistication. Visit us for an efficient brake repairor brake pad replacement in Cannock today. 

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