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While often forgotten about, wheel and tyre check-ups are a valuable service which is essential for the consistent efficiency and performance of your vehicle. There are several things which can hamper the balance of your carwheels, with frequent braking, damaged suspension, etc. being the primary reasons.

If you reside in Brownhills, all your problems regarding your car wheels and tyres are about to be solved as Alloy Base & Tyres have isnow extending services in your area and nearby regions of West Midlands.

Our products

At Alloy Base & Tyres, we aim to fulfil all your needs related to tyres Brownhill. If you are looking to buy a new set of tyres for your vehicle, drive into our auto garage today and browse amongst a wide selection of products. Whatever be the size and shape of your car, be it a convertible, an SUV or a hatchback, we have got your tyre requirements covered.

We deal in popular tyre brands like –

  1. Dunlop,
  2. Continental,
  3. Maxxis,
  4. Pirelli,
  5. Michelin,
  6. Bridgestone, and several others.

If you are willing to opt for an economical option, you can also purchase part worn tyres Brownhill. The price of part worn tyres varies across garages in the country, but they are far less expensive compared to new branded tyres.

Our services

Over the years, we have gathered the trust of a large customer pool in the United Kingdom, who relyon our products and services for their regular automobile servicing requirements.

Our services include the following -

  1. Puncture repairs:It is a widely accepted fact among car owners that one should always be prepared for a flat tyre on his/her way to an urgent meeting. It is not possible to prevent tyre punctures from happening, but our dedicated team of technicians at Alloy Base &Tyres can deal with all types of puncture repairs in Brownhill.
  2. Wheel alignment:Simply put, wheel alignment is nothing but how well your car’s wheels are aligned relative to each other. It usually differs across various car models and manufacturers. But proper wheel alignment needs to be maintained in order to achieve precise braking and steering responses.
  • Wheel balancing:It is advised to have your car wheels balanced or checked every 1500 kilometres of travel or after suffering a significant impact. Our staff will ensure that every new tyre you purchase from our garage will be appropriately balanced before you take your leave.

We are based at Oakland Industrial Estate, Lower Rd, Hednesford, Cannock WS12 2UZ, UK. If you have any issues regarding wheels and tyres, do not hesitate to contact us on 01543 424209.

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