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Being the only contact point of the vehicle with the road, tyres are one of the most essential parts of a car. Car tyresnot only help in the commute but also assist in the maintenance of proper safety on the roads. We, at Alloy Base and Tyres, know the importance of choosing the right set of tyres for a vehicle. Hence, we store some of the best tyre models that the market has to offer. Our experts have given their hours to hand-pick outstanding tyres from a plethora of brands available today. The tyres at our garage come with a promise of high performance and long life.

Based on the driving conditions and habits, car tyres should strategically be chosen for a particular vehicle. Tyres, today, come in various types according to the specific requirements of a driver. Tyres are classified based on season type, terrain type, and price range type.

Let us further discuss on the types of tyres to assist you with the correct tyre choice every time:

Seasonal Tyre Types

Summer tyres: With a modest tread pattern, these tyres are best suited for hot and dry weather conditions. Summer tyres are made from hard rubber compound to ensure better performance and exceptional grip on the sun-baked road. These tyres are famous for their cornering and steering abilities at high speeds.

Winter tyres: Winter tyres have an aggressive tread pattern needed to provide a high level of traction on snow-laden roads. The softer rubber compound used in the winter tyres resists hardening in low temperatures. Thereby, the compound assists in better handling and grip on icy roads.

All season tyres: Amidst the extreme, all-season tyres provide exceptional all-round qualities. These Car Tyres Cannock come with a tread pattern that caters to both hot and cold weather conditions. The tyres can only be used in moderate temperatures, beyond which they fail to offer the performance and safety that they are promised.

Terrain Tyre Types

Off Road Tyres: If the vehicle sees more dust than usual, you need off-road tyres for better control and traction. These tyres are intentionally made robust to suffice the driving requirements of difficult and harsh terrains.

All-Terrain Tyres: As the name suggests, all-terrain tyres are capable of surviving the rocky surface efficiently along with providing exceptional on-road performance.

Price Range Tyre Type

Premium Tyres: If excellence is what one demands, premium tyres are the only choice. Though costly, these tyres provide out of the world performance in terms of ride quality, the efficiency of braking and longevity. 

Mid Range Tyres: Just like the name, these tyres fall in the moderate price range. As mid-range tyres offer an average quality of ride and safety, the tyres adequately justify their cost.

Budget Tyres: Saviour in emergency conditions, these tyres efficiently maintain the budget of a driver. The tyres come with at par performance at a very affordable price.

At Alloy Base and Tyres, we store an extensive range of car tyres Cannock, to provide for every driving requirement.

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