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exhaust service

An important part of a car, its exhaust system is responsible for collecting exhaust gases.An efficient exhaust system also reduces noise when a car is running.

Without a well-functioning exhaust, harmful gases formed inside the engine can compromise a car’s functioning. So, having your exhaust system performing at the peak is critical. And when it comes to that, our experts at Alloy Base & Tyres provide best in class support for exhaust repair Cannock.

But, you also need to know when to bring your car for an exhaust repair. If you delay too long, you will be inviting trouble. You may also end up with massive repair bills.

When to go for exhaust service

These are some tell-tale signs that your exhaust system is deteriorating:

  1. Unusual exhaust noise

If your car sounds louder than usual,it may be a sign of irregularity in the exhaust pipe or muffler. Therefore, it is best to bring it down to our facility for inspection at the earliest before such minor issues lead to major consequences.

  1. Rattling sound

Ever heard a bunch of pennies clinking together inside a metal container? That’s how a malfunctioning catalytic converter sounds. Now, it goes without saying that the catalytic converter is an expensive part. So, it is wise to get an exhaust service Cannock as soon as possible when that is the case instead of risking or delaying it.

  1. Rotten egg odour

In case you notice a sulphurous odour from your car, it might mean that your car’s catalytic converter is going down due to corrosive gases leaking through the gasket. That’s also bad news, and you should bring your vehicleto our garage to get it diagnosed.

  1. Blowing and flapping sounds

You might also experience sounds that seem like blowing and flapping at the same time, especially noticeable when a car is idle. It means that the exhaust manifold is worn out. And, if that’s the case, it might cause emission of harmful gases like carbon monoxide.

Lastly, also check for signs of external corrosion of the different components in the exhaust system.

In any case, what’s important is you must pick up on these signs and address any issues immediately by bringing your vehicle to our facility at Cannock.

Why us?

We are one of the most extensive automotive facilities in these parts. We employ an expert team with years of experience and state-of-the-art tools to deliver out-and-out services. Plus, you can get exhaust repair Cannock at competitive prices.

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