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Whether it is misaligned wheels or simplya punctured tyre, every such issue with your vehicle calls for a reliable service centre!

In such scenarios, look no further as Alloy Base & Tyres is here at your service. We are also the seller of premium quality new tyres Hixon and in surrounding areas. We generally stock products from world-class tyre manufacturers only, which include Michelin, Dunlop, Pirelli, Bridgestone and Continental.

Quality used tyres

We also stock a diverse collection of part worn tyres Hixon for car owners who want to minimise expenses. With these products, you can avoid spending a considerable amount during a tyre change.

Although part worn tyres cannot match a brand-new set, they offer sufficient traction and performance for daily commutes. At Alloy Base & Tyres, these tyres undergo intensive testing before we sell them; therefore, quality is never in question.

However, tyres are not the only section we cater to. Our range of services is just as diverse for car owners in the area.

Wheel balancing done right!

Improper weight distribution in your car wheels can cause several problems. Apart from a driving hazard, such an issue can also compromise the comfort level during your daily commute.

Our technicians are experts in wheel balancing, using artificial weights to compensate the lighter sections of the wheel.

With efficient wheel balancing, we ensure that you do not experience vibrations while driving, which can be uncomfortable and annoying.

Wheel alignment to increase tyre lifespan

Wheel alignment refers to angling your car’s suspension system properly. Misaligned wheels can cause tyres to wear out quickly, and damage the car’s suspension, among many other things. If you are using part worn tyres Hixon, such an issue can damage your tyres even faster.

Thankfully, our technicians can align your car wheels with expertise.

Flat tyre? We can help!

While we cannot prevent flats, our professionals can ensure speedy repairs whenever you visit our garage with a punctured tyre. We can minimise your delay, allowing you to drive off quickly. Puncture repairs at our garage are done with precision as per the British standards.

Whether you want to buy cartyres Hixon or you are experiencing complications with your vehicle, visit us at the earliest. You can also call ahead on 01543 424209 to book an appointment.

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