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Tyre punctures can become a severe problem, especially when you are in a hurry. They are indeed, one of the commonest issues faced by car owners.

Car owners must be aware of all such instances that maycause a puncture and a resultant reduction in the tyre pressure. It will keep them vigilant for any such damages. Driving your car on punctured tyres reduces the tyre’s life and poses a risk of reduced handling efficiency.

As such, puncture repair in Cannock is an essential service and at Alloy Base & Tyres, our expert technicians give utmost importance to it.

Irrespective of whether you can drive down to our facility or you are stranded somewhere in the middle of the road, our prompt puncture repairing services in Cannock will provide you the much-needed help.

Reasons for a tyre puncture

Tyre punctures can occur due to a variety of reasons -

  1. Heavily worn-out tyre treads

Tyres that have worn out beyond the ideal tread depth of 1.6mm carry a higher risk of being punctured. Experts at Alloy Base & Tyres thus, always advise for an immediate replacement of tyres with excessively worn out treads.

  1. Damage to the valve

The valve is responsible for maintenance of air pressure inside a tyre. Any damage to the valvedue to corrosion, breakage or even clogging makes the tyre susceptible to air leakage. A leakage so caused requires instant attention. You must immediately go for car tyre repair in Cannockand getthe issue fixed.

  1. Leakage in the tyre beads

Loose or misaligned fitting of tyre beads, the merging point between tyres and wheels, can result in tyre damage and resultant air leakages.

  1. Pierced sharp objects

Last but not least, sharp objects like glass shards or nails are among the common reasons for sudden tyre punctures.

Going for an immediate car puncture repair in Cannock is the only resort to restore driving safety and the tyre’s structural stability and integrity.Alongside, it is also advisable to check tyre pressure periodically so that minor leakages are detected on time and fixed to avoid further damage to the tyre.

What does puncture repair at Alloy Base & Tyresentail?

Before you visit our facility, read on to know more about our modus operandi for a puncture repair.

  • It starts with tyre dismounting and puncture inspection.
  • Next, the area for repair is readied by drilling as per the puncture size and sanding to smoothen out the surface.
  • Lastly, a patch is applied to block the leakage.

Note that punctures with a diameter of up to 0.6 cm are repairable. Any significant tread cuts, sidewall- or shoulder punctures leave the tyre permanently damaged, as they are irreparable. Under such circumstances, it is wise to look for tyre replacement for safe driving.

Alloy Base & Tyres for your car repair needs

While we remain adept at car puncture repair in Cannock, we also stock up tyres from a range of renowned brands for you. If you are Googling – “tyres near me” - you can approach us on

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