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It can be pretty difficult to find a capable and reliable garage when necessary. Car owners tend to scour the internet for hours to locate a reputed service centre near them. Fortunately, for Rugeley residents, they do not need to engage in such time-consuming searches.

Alloy Base & Tyres is the perfect facility to resolve all your car-related troubles.

Misaligned wheels? We can help. Wheel balancing problems? Our technicians can fix thattoo. Regardless of the problem, our skilled professionals have got your back!

We are also the premier garage when looking for tyres Rugeley. We stock new tyres from brands such as Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone, Dunlop and Pirelli etc. That’s not all! We also stock an impressive collection of used tyres for people who want to limit their tyre-related expenses.

Our part worn tyres Rugeley are some of the best products available in the entire UK!

Don’t believe us? Give them a try!

While part worn tyres Rugeley can never match the quality of a new set of tyres, they are extremely pocket-friendly options. Even premium tyres tend to be cheap if they are sold in part worn condition. Therefore, if you have always dreamed about owning a high-performance tyre, pick one up from our store at economical rates.

Alloy Base & Tyres backs up the impressive product range with its wide variety of useful services. From puncture repairs to wheel alignment, we can pretty much resolve most vehicular issues.

Here are some services you can avail from us –

  • Wheel balancing may seem like a trivial task, but it is quite tricky for the uninitiated. Our technicians look for irregular weight distribution in your car wheels, and use external weights to compensate for the lighter areas. After wheel balancing, you will feel the difference in the driving experience.
  • Wheel alignment is concerned with the angle of a car’s suspension system. Misalignment can give rise to several issues, one of which is unnatural drift. Apart from this, you may also experience off-centre steering.
  • Tyre puncture repairing is perhaps the most popular service we offer. Several residents in the area bring their car over every day to repair flats. Our technicians can perform such repairs swiftly, ensuring that you can minimise any delays from the unfortunate incident.

Our professionals also keep an eye out for worn-out tyres. If we notice such parts, we recommend purchasing fresh tyres Rugeley. New tyres will provide better traction onroads, preventing sudden on-road skids.

Visit us today to checkif it’s time for your car tyres to be changed.

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