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When things get extreme, it is advised to find dedicated products for a vehicle. One such product is the tyres of the car. Experts recommend using specialised types of tyres for specific weather conditions. In case the temperature gets too high, usual all-season and winter tyres can never survive against the scorching sun. 

Summer tyres made from hard rubber compound become the only and prime choice in these conditions. We, at Alloy Base and Tyres, know the importance of getting the purchase of a new set of tyres right every time. Therefore, we store a collection of branded summer tyres Cannock that are sure to fit your driving requirements.

What are summer tyres?

Summer tyres are special kinds of tyres with a staunch disposition to perform excellently in hot and dry weather. When the temperature surges up from 7 degrees Celsius, winter tyres fail to maintain their shape. They start to degrade at an unprecedented rate because of the unbearable heat. As a remedy, a tyre with a hard rubber compound known as summer tyres is used by the drivers in the UK and around the world.

Benefits of using summer tyres

The first and foremost thing about summer tyres is that they have a robust structure. Due to the presence of synthetic rubber in high ratios, summer tyres are harder than winter and all-season tyres. Hard rubber provides a firm grip on the dry as well as wet roads. Further, it improves the cornering and steering abilities of a vehicle.

Secondly, summer tyres often have slick tread design as well. Slick tread patterns make sure that a large surface of the tyre remains in contact with the road. Larger contact area increases the traction and dry grip of these tyres. Further, slick tyres are responsible for increasing the ride quality of a sports car.

Moreover, the rubber compound used in summer tyres is made to last for long. These tyres don’t easily reach their doomsday. Summer tyres can efficiently survive for 5-7 years still maintaining their quality.

As the summer tyres have hard rubber compound with slicker treads, they offer lesser rolling resistance as well. The consequence of having a low rolling resistance is increased fuel economy. The more the fuel efficiency, the lesser the trips one will have to make to fuel stations.

Points to consider while purchasing summer tyres

One should pay extra attention to the tyre specifications. If tyres are incompatible with the wheel size, it will cause uneven wearing and unwanted run-off problems in the future. Therefore, one must make sure that the tyres are of appropriate size.

One must ensure that the tread depth of the new set of tyres is more than 7mm. Tread is a crucial component of a tyre that assists in maintaining proper safety on the roads.

It is recommended to switch to winter tyres as soon as the temperature drops below 7 Degrees Celsius.

At Alloy Base and Tyres, we have sorted the best summer tyres Cannock that the market has to offer. To know more, drive to us today.

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