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Do you seek a fine set of Bridgestone tyres that won’t oppose your budget bracket? Are you someone who won’t compromise on their tyre choice? Then Alloy Base and Tyres humbly welcomes you. This is a hub where you get your hands on some magnificent Bridgestone Tyres Cannock available at best prices. Be it winter, summer, all-season, or 4x4 tyres, you can get what you ask for, here at Alloy Base and Tyres.

Bridgestone Tyres in a Nutshell

Bridgestone tyres have been in operation for more than eight decades. This explains why the whole tyre industry acknowledges its influence and authority. In its running years in the domain of tyres, Bridgestone has amassed a strong customer base and has managed to establish itself as a prominent figure in the tyre industry. In the present era, Bridgestone tyres are widely regarded as a technological marvel. 

The tyres forged by Bridgestone boast of offering exceptional durability, superior on-road grip, and overall smooth driving experience. 

Mentioning Some Excellent Tyres from Bridgestone

Now, it’s time we gave you a brief look at the vast collection of Bridgestone tyres hosted at Alloy Base and Tyres. Time to unveil some fine Bridgestone tyres

B Series

The B series of Bridgestone tyres lays stress on offering a well-balanced performance. Let’s take a look at some excellent B series tyres -


This one can be regarded as a balanced performer. B250 stands on the line of equilibrium when it comes to performance. Rest assured, you can expect an adequate performance from B250, regardless of the terrain, surface, or weather. Also, this tyre is highly durable and can sustain harsh roads for a considerable period.

Features -

  • Has a considerably high wear life
  • Offers a well-balanced performance
  • Provides exceptional performance on wet and dry surfaces


B390 is known for serving an all-round performance. This tyre also emphasises delivering a well-defined balanced performance. With that, B390 flaunts a superior braking capability on all terrains. This tyre also possesses a sturdy architecture that promotes an extended car tyres life.

Features -

  • Offers excellent braking capability
  • High durability promises superior tyre life
  • Has a considerably wide structure

Ecopia Series

This series invests its focus on the fuel-saving aspect. The Ecopia series is sincerely focused on enhancing the fuel economy of the car. So, let’s unwrap some of the finest Ecopia tyres -


Ecopia EP150 offers relatively low-rolling-resistance makes it an ideal choice for drivers looking for a fuel-efficient set of tyres. It also invests focus on the aspect of on-road safety as it delivers fuel-saving performance without compromising the safety of the driver.

Features -

  • Has an overall environment-friendly structure
  • Promises significant fuel saving performance
  • Offers a relatively low-rolling resistance

Ecopia EP850

The latest addition to the Ecopia series of Bridgestone. This one also promises a considerably low-rolling resistance and fuel-saving performance but takes it a few notches higher. In simple terms, EP850 enhances the fundamental aspects of Ecopia series.

Features -

  • Promises a considerably low-rolling resistance
  • Features an environment-friendly design
  • Offers exceptional fuel-saving performance

These were some excellent Bridgestone tyres Cannock hosted at Alloy Base and Tyres. Visit now to avail exciting offers on your preferred tyres.


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