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In the fall of 1887, one ‘gentle-mannered veterinary surgeon decided to inflate a rubber tube and wrap it around his son’s tricycle wheels. In this way, John Boyd Dunlop created a pneumatic tyre in his backyard that would give birth to Dunlop Tyres. And the rest, as we see, is History.

The Dunlop Tyres Cannock drivers rely on every day, was actually established in 1889 in Birmingham, England. With a legacy of 130 years, it has grown from a tyre into an idea of long-lasting safety and comfort on the road. Unsurprisingly, it is the hottest commodity in Alloy Base and Tyres collection.

Here are some of the specimen to throw light on what benefits and ease of life these tyres bring to the table.


These are the premium range for an on-and-off-road experience. These tyres come with rim protection that prevents any damage or deformation to the wheel structure. Also, their RunOnFlat Technology allows you to run on a flat tyre at up to 50mph. The key features of Sport Maxx Race 2 are:

  • Brilliant stability at high speed due to the specialised structure of hybrid aramid-fibre overlay that gives it a perpetual grip.
  • The specialised compound used provides better control through heating up faster and creating more friction with the road.
  • Steering as smooth as the stroke of a paintbrush, achieved by even pressure distribution to make it stiff and improve rolling resistance.
  • Maximum cornering stability with the help of bridges in its first tread groove, offering more block stability, bending resistance and lateral stiffness.


The exclusive range of wet-grip tyres offers reduced braking distance in both wet and dry surfaces. Its fuel efficiency and noise reduction technology are delicious features to have for your car. The reasons why Sport Bluresponse stands out are:

  • Amazing fuel efficiency with an aerodynamic built and a low-heat polymer compound that also reduces rolling resistance considerably.
  • Large central grooves for an easy exit of water; closed shoulder grooves for noise reduction.
  • ‘Extra-stiff’ Short Braking blocks that increase the contact of the tyres with the roads, resulting in increased friction and a decreased braking distance.
  • Excellent road feedback and speed stability with Jointless Belt (JLB) and Specific Bead System technology incorporated by Dunlop Car Tyres Cannock. 
  • A flatter tread design for maximum contact and asymmetric tread design to prevent aquaplaning


Instead of a wet or a dry grip your more worried about the snow and ice, then this tyre is the perfect match for you. It offers fantastic lateral grip to avoid skidding. With a greater performance on snow, it is also a fuel-saving addition in your car. The primary benefit you’d get from Winter Sport 5 are:

  • Center sipes that are angled to provide greater biting edge into the contact surface, giving it excellent lateral grip.
  • An increase in the number of tread blocks, giving it more surface area and increasing the tyre’s traction on snow.
  • Appropriate weight distribution resulting in reduced rolling resistance and economical fuel consumption.
  • Deeper grooves to prevent aquaplaning and provide a proper outlet for slush, mud and water.

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