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Looking to embellish your car with a first-class set of Pirelli tyres? Then look no further as Alloy Base and Tyres is there to serve you your preferred Pirelli tyres Cannock. All thanks to the hefty chunk of knowledge and experience of the tyre industry, we have managed to establish ourselves as a leading garage in the United Kingdom. At Alloy Base and Tyres, we present a vast array of tyres that covers every major tyre brand. 

Today, we aim to highlight our impressive collection of Pirelli tyres Cannock that would surely entice your interest. 

Getting to Know Pirelli Tyres 

This giant of the tyres industry has been on the scene for more than a century. Pirelli formally came into existence in the year 1872 in the land of Italy. It was founded by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, and that’s how it earned the name Pirelli. Ever since its inception, this tyre brand has never ceased to amaze its customers with its innovative and ingenious creations. As of the current time, it is the fifth largest tyre manufacturer in the world with an active operation cycle in around 160 countries. This only marginally highlights the voluminous influence that Pirelli commands.

A Look at Some Excellent Pirelli Tyres

Time to take off the curtain from some of the splendid Pirelli tyres that you can find at Alloy Base and Tyres. Now, it’s about time we gave you a slight glimpse of our vast Pirelli Collection. So, here goes the list -


The new all-season tyre specifically crafted for drivers dwelling in the urban regions. Cinturato should be on your buy list if you fancy smooth mobility in all seasons. This new innovation of Pirelli is constructed through latest technology which enhances its durability and performance. 

Features -

  • Comes equipped with inside-seal technology that helps avoid air pressure loss during a puncture.
  • Delivers an all-season performance
  • Offers outstanding performance on urban roads.

P Zero Winter

Featuring one of the best winter car tyres available in the contemporary market. This winter tyre promises an exceptional grip and on-road comfort during extreme winters. P Zero Winter offers considerably high performance on roads blanketed by snow and ice. 

Features -

  • Delivers optimum performance even during the summer side of the year
  • Promises unrivalled winter performance
  • Holds a considerable amount of durability

P Zero Corsa

P Zero Corsa has been structured to existence through the combined efforts of Pirelli and some well-known vehicle manufacturers. So, this explains the superior architectural design and structure of P Zero Corsa. It can be well-regarded as an all-terrain tyre as it gives out splendid performance on almost every terrain.

  • Exceptional summer performance
  • Delivers superior handling and braking
  • Capable of serving exceptional traction irrespective of the terrain. 

So, that was a brief peek into the ginormous collection of Pirelli tyres hosted by Alloy Base and Tyres. If this evoked your interest to buy a slick set of Pirelli tyres Cannock, then don’t wait and visit us right away. We are offering some exciting deals that you won’t be able to say no to.


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