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Car tyres often develop heavy spots along their carcasses. It may occur due to minute defects during manufacturing, excessive stress or impact endured while driving, and similar other reasons. Such weight imbalances cause a tyre to vibrate as it rotates; the faster you drive, the more vibration. 

The remedy to such issues is wheel balancing. If you are looking fora service station for car wheel balancing in Cannock, you can reach us at Alloy Base & Tyres.

How to identify imbalanced wheels 

Few signs ofimbalanced wheels are–

  1. Uneven tyre wear

One of the most common signs of imbalanced wheels is uneven tyre wear. Generally, it causes the tyres to undergo scalloped or cup wear – smooth patches throughout a tyre. These patches can either be on the inner or the outer periphery of the tyre.

If you notice such wear pattern, then you need to bring your vehicle to our service station forwheel balancing inCannockat the earliest.

  1. Problems with steering

Imbalanced wheels can also create difficulties while steering. You will face poor steering response, which can be very hazardous while driving, especially on a busy road.

  1. Vibrations throughout the car

You may also experience certain vibrations throughout the car, especially in the steering wheel and floor. When such issues happen, make sure to come down to our shop, Alloy Base & Tyres, for wheel balancing in Cannock.

How we perform car wheel balancing in Cannock?

To perform wheel balancing at our workshop, we use a road force balancer. This machine is the most modern form of a wheel balancer and is more advanced than a traditional spin balancer. 

A road force balancer presses a roller against the wheel assembly. It then spins both of these to simulate the actual force of driving on the wheel. A computer affixed with this machine then tells an operator those spots that have heavier and lighter weights.

We use both “bang-on” and adhesive weights, and offer both dynamic and static wheel balancing services.

  • Dynamic – Finds imbalances on the sides of a wheel, which causes it to swivel.
  • Static – Finds imbalances at the centre of a wheel, which causes it to bounce.

Moving the tyre around the wheel to align a high spot with a lower one will counter the imbalance. This process is also known as match mounting.

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Alloy Base & Tyresis your one-stop-shop for wheel balancingand alignment services. We offer the highest quality services at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

Contact us for an appointment, and we will be happy to serve. 

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