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With the onset of winters, it is time to switch to winter tyres. Winter season brings in the perils of uncontrollable skidding of the vehicles on the roads. Regular summer tyres lose their control on the thick layer of ice, laden on the roads. It is where the winter tyres come into play. Our experts, at Alloy Base and Tyres, recommend the motorists to install winter tyres whenever the temperature seeps down 7 degrees Celsius. Winter tyres offer a high level of traction along with safer braking distances on roads covered with snow.

What are winter tyres?

It was found that standard summer tyres fall victim to aquaplaning in low temperatures. This fact can be accredited to the hardening of summer tyres in winter. Further, summer tyres fail to disperse an adequate amount of water on the road because of this hardening effects. Hence, they skid wildly on snow-covered roads. Thus, winter tyres came into the market. They use a unique rubber compound enriched with soft rubber and an abundance of silica. Presence of soft rubber resists the hardening of the tyre and assist in providing a better grip in harsh winters.

Benefits of using winter tyres

Softer rubber present in the winter tyres makes substantial contact with the road. This is the main reason for a high level of traction offered by winter tyres. Moreover, silica adds on to the gripping quality of winter tyres Cannock. As a consequence, the friction between the tyres and the roads is increased significantly.

Unidirectional tread pattern present on the winter tyres helps in the tracking of the road. Simply, it will retrace the path of the vehicles in front of a car in an efficient way. Another advantage of the unidirectional pattern is its ability to hold the snow better.

Tread in winter tyres has deeper grooves which act as a temporary storage element for the snow on the road. We all know nothing grips snow better than the snow itself. Hence, the stored snow in the tyres further increases the traction capabilities of these cheap tyres cannock. Another outstanding feature present in the tread design of these tyres is small cuts on the main tread known as sipes. Sipes on the winter tyres provide a biting edge that helps the main tread with the storage of the snow. 

Deeper grooves in winter tyres also help in the dispersion of water. The grooves provide a channel for water to get away from the path of these tyres; hence help to resist aquaplaning.

It is recommended to check the tread depth of winter tyres before making the purchase. The tread depth of a new set of tyres should lie in between 7-9mm for expected traction.

Though winter tyres have a shorter life than other tyre variants and can’t be used in summers, they offer extreme safety when the conditions on the roads get severe. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

In case you are looking for excellent winter tyres Cannock, drive to us, at Alloy Base and Tyres. We have an extensive range of branded winter tyres to choose from.

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